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As a leading non-profit 501(c) 3 organization, Denkai Animal Sanctuary has provided
rescue, rehabilitation and, if indicated, permanent sanctuary to over 500 animals since its
inception in 2004. The Sanctuary is unique in that, in addition to providing services to
animals in need, it provides hands-on educational animal husbandry opportunities to
at-risk youth. The bonds we have seen form between our youth and animals have been
both inspirational and, without a doubt, beneficial for both. Educational
programs for youth that unite environmental awareness with compassion for animals
are currently being developed by our Board of Directors and an extended committee.
This multi-pronged mission positions Denkai Animal Sanctuary to become a leading and
innovative facility in Colorado and Wyoming


We promote healthy environments in which people and animals interact and connect through applied, environmental, and educational programs to cultivate mental and physical health.


Denkai Animal Sanctuary has truly come a long way since it began with 25 animals on 15 acres with minimal facilities and a few volunteers in May of 2004. Three years later, our Sanctuary is now located on 180 acres, caring for over 100 animals with over 500 active volunteers and a support network of more than 10,000 people.


Animal Sanctuary, Rescue, rehabilitation.
Educational Outreach
Volunteer opportunities for at-risk youth and mentally handicapped people.


Denkai Animal Sanctuary has provided rescue services and sanctuary to over 500 animals since its inception in 2004.

Denkai has partnered with other organizations and provided spay and neuter services to over 200 low-income and homeless animals in 2007.

The Sanctuary has reached more than 10,000 youth in the immediate area through partnering education programs.


The Sanctuary has launched a feral cat initiative in the northern Colorado and Wyoming area with goals to spay/neuter 200 feral cats and help to provide for those colonies.

A capital campaign is currently being developed to be launched.

To continue rescue, rehabilitation and sanctuary services for all domestic animals.

To continue outreach projects with youth in the community and especially those "at-risk".


Floss Blackburn brings with her excellence in leadership skills, strong business and marketing skills gained from Colorado State University and Front Range Community College along with nine years of hands on experience dealing with all aspects of for profit and not-for-profit organizations.

Ms. Blackburn has a lifetime of experience training and working with all species of domestic animals, a strong background in outdoor education and has owned and operated for profit businesses for the last nine years. Skills include grant writing, of which grants have been awarded. Ms. Blackburn has extensive knowledge management of Sanctuary animals and medical treatment as directed by a veterinarian.


Floss Blackburn, President
Anne Little, D.V.M. Vice President/Treasurer/Medical Director
Shannon Canfield, Secretary/Marketing


United States




10375 COUNTY ROAD 118
CARR, CO 80612-9304
Phone: (970) 897-3122
EIN: 73-1706969

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A gift towards our "Green Build" campaign will provide much needed funding for a permanent facility for animals and children in desperate need throughout the United States.