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CURE International was founded in 1996 by Dr. Scott Harrison and his wife, Sally, after they served on a medical humanitarian trip to Malawi and saw the great needs of the people there.

The Harrisons felt called to help these children get the medical care that would give them life...a life worth living.

Their strategy was to establish a network of specialty teaching hospitals in countries with the most need and to train nationals in the most modern techniques to ensure quality and access to medical care in the future.

In 1998, CURE opened its first hospital in Kenya and since then 7 other hospitals have been established in Afghanistan, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Malawi, Uganda, UAE and Zambia. Several more hospitals are on the way in Ethiopia, Egypt, and Palestine.

In only a few short years, CURE's dramatic efforts to heal disabled children have transformed the lives of thousands in the developing world.


To transform the lives of disabled children and their families in the developing world through medical and spiritual healing, serving all by establishing specialty teaching hospitals, building partnerships and advocating for these children.


CURE Clubfoot Worldwide: CURE Clubfoot Worldwide, an initiative to eradicate clubfoot globally. CURE Clubfoot Worldwide will focus on building countrywide treatment programs in developing countries through partnerships with the International Ponseti Association, local physicians and in-country NGO’s. The goal is to create a treatment network in each country that can raise awareness about the deformity, train nationals to perform simple, corrective casting procedures and provide funding for poor children who have no ability to afford treatment.

Partnership with The Smile Train: CURE International has launched an initiative to deliver treatment of clefts to children and training to national surgeons. In partnership with Smile Train, CURE will perform 900 cleft lip and palate surgeries over the next year. This exciting new partnership leverages CURE’s pediatric surgical expertise and provides the opportunity to serve even more children affected by a physical disability.

PATH Program: PATH (Program for Advanced Training in Hydrocephalus)trains resident doctors in Endoscopic Third Ventriculostomy (ETV), a procedure for the treatment of hydrocephalus, a condition characterized by the accumulation of fluid around the brain. PATH Fellows train at the CURE Hospital for three months and upon completion of their training establishes a center for the surgical treatment of hydrocephalus in their own country.

Epilepsy Project: Through collaboration with West Virginia University and a consortium of epilepsy specialists around the world, CURE Uganda now has the most modern epilepsy unit in East Africa. The seizures are recorded and the seizure onset localized using EEG and CT imaging of the brain. Epilepsy in East Africa is 10 times more prevalent that in North America and carries an acute stigma for those who suffer from it. At the CURE hospital, surgery can free them of both the disease and stigma. Eighty percent of patients with temporal lobe epilepsy that received surgery at CURE, are now seizure free!

Training and Residency Programs: CURE hospitals are teaching hospitals and train national doctors in the most modern health care techniques to ensure access to quality to care for future generations. Training and Residency Programs include: Nurses Training, Orthopedic Residency, OB/GYN Fellowship, General Medicine Residency, Tissue Pathology Residency, and Surgical Residency.


Since 2006, CURE has seen more than 600,000 patients and has performed more than 41,000 life-transforming surgeries.


C. Scott Harrison, M.D.


Afghanistan, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Ethiopia, Haiti, Honduras, Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, Zambia




701 Bosler Avenue

Lemoyn, PA 17043

Phone: (717) 730-6706

EIN: 58-2248383

A Gift Card

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Straighten A Leg

Heal a crooked leg

This gift provides the metal plate used to correct the bowed or crooked leg of a disabled child in the developing world. This gift can free a child from the stigma, ridicule and pain of their condition.


Heal A Crooked Foot

One child's foot

This gift will provide surgical pins to straighten a deformed foot and give a child a chance to run, walk and play free of pain.


Care for A Mother

Pre-natal care

This gift will provide an Afghan woman with much needed care including: 2 pre-natal consultations, basic vitamins and 2 ultrasounds over the course of the mother’s pregnancy.


Provide NICU Care

Nurse for one month

This gift will sponsor a NICU nurse at CURE Kabul for one month, providing specialized criitical care to fragile newborn babies.


Cure Hydrocephalus

One shunt for a child

This gift will provide one child with a shunt, used to drain the fluid and relieve the pressure on the brain.


Treat Clubfoot

Casts for 5 children

This gift will provide casts for 5 children born with clubfoot. For these children, casts mean a cure. Their clubfoot will be treated early enough that they will never have to grow up with the stigma of being disabled.