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Global Communities (originally Cooperative Housing Foundation)


Since 1952, CHF International has worked in more than 100 countries worldwide. Currently we are operating about 90 programs in more than 30 countries. Each day, CHF International transforms promise into progress.


CHF International's mission is to be a catalyst for long-lasting positive change in low- and moderate-income communities around the world, helping them to improve their social, economic and environmental conditions.


CHF International is successful because it brings together the people, organizations and resources necessary to ensure steady, sustainable change. Our programs ensure that individuals, families and communities: participate in the decisions that impact their lives; learn to work together to solve their own problems; are provided with the tools and skills needed to escape from the bonds of poverty; form productive partnerships that will sustain the cycle of progress; and develop confidence in their ability to create a brighter, more prosperous future for themselves and their communities.


Selected highlights from CHF’s worldwide programs: providing job skills training to 21,000 internally displaced men and women in Colombia; improving access to water, electricity, and basic financial services for 25,000 households in over 100 slum communities in Gujarat, India; training refugees to produce, sell, and use 10,800 fuel-efficient stoves in Darfur, Sudan, benefiting approximately 21,200 families; empowering more than 2,300 women in Romania through microcredit loans to improve their homes and expand their businesses; conducting job-creation and infrastructure development programs in the West Bank and Gaza to generate 1.8 million person-days of employment.


Michael E. Doyle


Michael E. Doyle, President and CEO
Dr. Judith Hermanson, Senior Vice President

Don H. McCreary, Chair
Chris Sale, Vice Chair
Michael E. Doyle, President/CEO
Caroline E. Blakely, Esq., Secretary
Gordon E. Lindquist, Treasurer

Jane P. Madden
Amy Margerum
The Honorable Walter E. Stadtler
Ronald Stegall
Wallace P. Warfield, Ph.D.
David A. Weiss
Sunia Zaterman

Samuel E. Bunker


Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colombia, Ethiopia, Georgia, Ghana, Haiti, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Liberia, Mexico, Mongolia, Peru, Philippines, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Yemen


8601 Georgia Ave, Suite 800
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Phone: (866) 7792-CHF
EIN: 52-0846183

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