Center for Bioethics and Culture


By working with key influencers and decision makers, CBC seeks to change the bioethic landscape and promote wholly human progress, resulting in a positive and human-affirming conscience in science, medicine and public policy that protects human dignity for all and defends the most vulnerable to abuse.


The Center for Bioethics and Culture Network exists to collaborate in providing resources and a public forum to: educate our culture about the impact of biotechnologies, engage in dialogue about what it means to be human, and to challenge those who influence our culture to use science that is grounded in moral responsibility.


Conferences, seminars, lectures and debates provide platform for public education and involvement in the important conversations in bioethics. Our website and weekly newsletters are another source of information on the bioethic issues of the day. We provide expert speakers to international as well as national events and to provide media comment.


Advancing a culture where biotechnology serves a human future.


Jennifer Lahl BSN, MA Bioethics


United States


2257 Rosemount Lane
San Ramon, CA 94582
Phone: (925) 828-9123
EIN: 94-3349736

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