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We are an independent coaching and information resource for people and families living with cancer. We use existing community and national resources combined with Masters level coaching via the phone to help those who are affected by cancer get informed and supported.
We believe that maintaining hope is reasonable even in the face of grave adversity.
We believe in an individual’s capacity to adjust to each new reality long the path of their journey.
We believe that hope can be realistically supported based on a persons circumstances -not just hope for survival, maybe hope for a good day or a good moment.
We believe that most people want to feel competent, capable and self-reliant. Our commitment is to help without compromising the individual’s sense of feeling in control.
We believe in the value of each moment and that the value of someone experiencing a moment of relief is equal to the value of actions that have that have community-wide impact.
Our program aligns with CDC/ Lance Armstrong Foundation's National Action Plan.


Cancer Care Connection’s mission is to coach people affected by cancer to obtain and use information and referrals to make informed decisions and to take action on their own behalf.

Our vision is that every person affected by cancer has what they need to obtain their best possible outcome.


Founded in 2000, by a group of concerned community leaders led by The Honorable Roxana Cannon Arsht, Led by the founders vision, Cancer Care Connection (CCC) developed a core program of telephone coaching and information that uses virtual social work to deliver cancer information and coaching to people no matter what their socio-economic status or location. CCC’s program uses master level social workers and innovative technologies to continually raise the bar on how patients and families access information and support. CCC achieved many milestones including endorsement of Delaware’s Governor for being “precisely the type of organization to help people dealing with cancer.” We collaborate with existing resource organizations and business to increase support available to anyone facing cancer.


1. Free phone-based coaching, information and referrals for anyone touched by cancer (family,patients, caregivers,friends, co-workers).
2. Targeted workplace support and coaching for businesses needing support working with cancer.


We help over 2,800 people annually to find support, information and resources regarding their personal cancer situation. Success means that a patient, caregiver, co-worker or friend has the information and coaching to help them make informed decisions, feel supported and empowered to take action.

Goals This Year

The overall goal of Cancer Care Connection’s program is to provide free and immediate individual cancer coaching, information and referrals so that people affected by cancer can achieve the best possible outcomes for coping with a cancer diagnosis. FY10 Goals include:
1. Increase the number of people we serve by 10% by strengthening community and business collaborations.
2. Make a positive chance in the workplace.
3. Improve the use of technology to reach and serve more people affected by cancer.
4. Sustain our core program budget so that we can continue to help people affected by cancer.


Valerie Mullen Pletcher and Janet Teixeira, M.S.S., L.C.S.W.


Clint Walker, Chair

Meg Maley, RN, BSN, Vice Chair
Oncology Care, LLC

Jack J. Baroudi
Professor of MIS
Alfred Lerner School of Business
University of Delaware

Tom Cloud
Chairman & CEO
United Electric Supply Inc.

Dr. William R. Atkins, JR., M.D.
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Sports Medicine Electromyography

Elaine M. Concklin, MS
Founder, CEO

Vicky Cooke
Executive Director
The Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition

John DiBrango
Oncology/CNS Brand Leader

David Estock, MD
Family Practice

Mr. Brad Glazier
Glazier Photography

Ann K. M. Gualtieri
Vice President
DuPont Human Resources Shared Services

Thomas Karinshak
Managing Director – Customer Care and Bank Operations, Barclays

Morton Richard Kimmel, Esq.

Donna-Marie King
Communications Specialist

Marge Lang, MSS, LSW
Oncology Medical Social Worker
The Cancer Center at Chester County

Michael Marquardt
Chief Business Officer
The Freeh Group International

Monte Ross
Head Coach – Univeristy of Delaware Basketball

Mark A. Serva, PhD
Assistant Professor of MIS
University of Delaware

Waleed Shalaby, MD, PhD
St. Francis Hospital Women’s Center

Mr. Clement Zlotnick
Assistant Vice President
Bank of America


United States





NEWARK, DE 19711-5490

Phone: (866) 266-7008

EIN: 51-0398061

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This is a gift of hope and help. People who receive coaching funded by your gift can find what they need to achieve their best possible outcomes when facing cancer. The value can be equal to someone experiencing a moment of relief, of finding a community support group, of having someone to share their concerns and fears with--while not feeling the burden of impacting their...