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Blossom International Inc

Support Education

100 pencils for youth

Provide 100 pencils to children in an impoverished area.


Sponsor an Event

One volunteer project

A donation of $25.00 provides the ability for the young volunteers to purchase supplies they need for their community service project. For example, for the Culture Taking, Charm Making volunteer opportunity $25.00 would allow us to purchase the beads and materials needed to create the charm necklaces that were donated to a charity in England.


Help a Foster Child

One Care Pack

This gift will provide a child in foster care a duffel bag filled with brand new items which includes at least six items that range from socks, sweatshirts, games, coloring book and crayons, CD player and CD (with batteries), stuffed animal, doll, deodorant, toothbrush, and more.


Promote Literacy

20 books for children

This gift will provide an entire classroom with books that will educate them on cultural diversity issues. These books are distributed directly to the children and they are theirs to keep. Along with that book comes an teaching lesson about the book and a discussion about cultural issues the book address. Books that we have offered in the past include Tar Beach by Faith Ringgold...