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Best Friends Animal Society


Best Friends believes that how we treat animals, the Earth and each other is the best reflection of who we are as a society. This belief guides our work and drives our goal of being a model sanctuary and educational facility while we work toward the day when kindness to animals is a way of life, and all companion animals have a home and the care they need to thrive.


We focus on animals who are injured or abandoned, have special needs, or are considered “unadoptable” by others. We provide expert medical care, rehabilitation services, behavioral assistance and emergency aid when necessary. In addition, through our various adoption programs, we work diligently to find each animal a home.


Animal Care: Best Friends has found good homes for 75% or more of the special needs animals that come to the sanctuary. Those who cannot be adopted live out their lives at the sanctuary.

Emergency/Disaster Response: Best Friends rescued over 4,300 animals including 2,844 dogs, 1,427 cats and 54 other types of animals from hurricane Katrina, and provided shelter and transport for an additional 3511 animals from other organizations in the Gulf Coast.

Assisting the Public: Staff members worked with more than 20,000 volunteers across the country to find solutions to neighborhood problems and ways to help animals in need.

Developing Model Programs: Best Friends is the lead organization for the Utah Coalition for Animals. More than 29,000 low-cost sterilizations were performed in 2005.

Promoting Growth of a Worldwide Community: The Best Friends Network assists people across the country with tackling local issues by connecting them with animal lovers in their area, and providing resources to help animals in need.

Sharing our Knowledge: Best Friends magazine is the nation’s most read general-interest magazine for people who care about companion animals, wildlife and the Earth.


We provide expert care to the special needs animals at the sanctuary; contributes our expertise and resources through our Rapid Response Team during times of emergency; assists the public with animal care issues through our national animal help service; develops model programs at the sanctuary and in selected communities; promotes the growth of a worldwide community through the Best Friends Network to help local people tackle local problems; and shares our knowledge and resources through our publications, on-line offerings, and educational materials.


United States


5001 Angel Canyon Road
Kanab, UT 84741
Phone: (435) 644-2001
EIN: 23-7147797

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