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60 million Americans have asthma or allergies, and asthma is the #1 chronic disease among children. AAFA is the leading national nonprofit patient organization serving families with asthma, food allergies and other allergic diseases by providing free information and resources to help people live a “life without limits."


To provide free education about asthma and allergies, advocate for patients’ rights, and fund research for better treatments and cures.


AAFA is the only asthma and allergy patient organization that offers educational programs and tools for patients, caregivers and health professionals. Use the toolbar on the left to search our catalog of educational products including programs, materials and tools, online resources and publications, many available in Spanish.


Through a national network of 10 regional Chapters and hundreds of Educational Support Groups, AAFA reaches adults, children, doctors, nurses, schools and many others. In addition, each year more than 1 million people visit AAFA’s Web site, call AAFA’s 1-800-7-ASTHMA helpline, write to AAFA’s “Ask the Allergist" e-mail service, or attend one of AAFA’s award-winning educational programs.


United States


1233 20th Street, NW
Suite 402
Washington, DC 20036
Phone: (800) 7-ASTHMA
EIN: 13-1691693

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Address Allergies

Food allergy education

Your generous gift will provide educational information for children with food allergies and their parents, teachers and others. AAFA’s quality health information help children with food allergies and their families learn about food allergy management, prevention and treatment so they can live a “life without limits."


Control Asthma

Education for kids

Your generous gift of "asthma control" will provide asthma education books for children and their parents in schools and daycare centers. AAFA’s validated health education programs, “You Can Control Asthma," Wee Wheezers" and “ACT-Asthma Control and Training" have helped thousands of families learn about asthma management, prevention and treatment so they can live a “life without limits."