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Art in All of Us (AiA) is a not-for-profit organization based in Brussels, Belgium and New York City, New York (501(c)(3)).
AiA promotes tolerance and cultural exchange throughout all the 192 UN member countries, through art and creativity activities.
AiA endeavors to enrich the lives of children by inspiring them to create a portal through which they can look at each other's lives in a cross-cultural context.


The Art in All of Us (AiA) Mission is to inspire children across borders to build a more tolerant world for tomorrow. We stimulate the creativity and curiosity of children through artistic and interactive activities. By giving them a voice, children are empowered to express their feelings, build their self-esteem, and help create a more positive future.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to promote tolerance by inspiring Global Citizenship through Art and subsequently stimulate multicultural understanding across boundaries through exchanges and partnerships. With Art as their tool, children, and in turn adults, will be able to gain knowledge of cultural similarities and differences and to embrace the “unknown” with tolerance, understanding and curiosity. We believe in the power of Art to transform lives.


Art in all of Us has 4 main programs:

1. The AiA Pen Pal Program promotes communication between children around the world, through a series of artistic exchanges conducted between a variety of nations. We have also introduced the Violet traveling around the world project. It is a wonderful initiative that serves to boost creativity while also introducing new cultures to the children.

2. The AiA World Art Book Program is a patchwork of children's visions of their country. Each of the 192 UN member countries is presented through a photograph, a drawing and a poem written by a local child.

3. The AiA Awareness Workshops introduces Art during visits into schools by promoting multicultural exchanges through interactive art activities.

4. The AiA Awareness Curriculum Program aims to introduce students to the countries and cultures of the world, using our extensive database of kids' artworks featuring over 25,000 children's drawings and poems. The AiA Curriculum Program is about kids teaching kids through their own creativity. Their knowledge is richly enhanced by exposure to cultural differences and connecting to others on a global scale. Understanding is the first step to teaching tolerance.

Executive Director

Anthony Asael, Executive Director and COO


USA mailing address:

235 west 48th street, APT 28M.
New York, NY 10036

A Gift Card

Arts and Culture

Sponsor An Event

Child art exhibition

The organization of exhibition has always been one of the best ways to raise awareness and funds in a city helps us promote our goal of encouraging cross cultural exchanges and understanding. Your donation of 1000 USD will cover the cost of a venue, framing and printing of all the artwork, as well as the marketing material required to promote the event and invite participants....


Sponsor A Country

Inspire our children

The goal is for each child to be able to take photographs and present their country creatively through drawings and poetries. The AiA instructors also conduct interactive artistic activities with the children, presenting to them the lives of children in other countries through photos and other creative material in order to awaken awareness to other cultures worldwide. Afterwards they conduct a training of local teachers...


Fun Geography Class

Semester of creativity

Our objectives are: -To teach tolerance and cultures through kids’ art -To open children’s eyes on other cultures and people -To use children’s art or other pedagogical material -To encourage a wider diffusion of cultures and children’s art to schools and children centers. -To be easily replicable and enable capacity building -To make the material used available online and in remote areas With a donation...


Print AiA Cards

Fundraising material

Your donation of 250 USD will enable us to print and distribute these valuable fundraising merchandise materials and help promote the Art in All of Us programs. More at


Sponsor 2 Schools

Art Pen Pal Program

Today, we have set up a network of schools around the world, which are participating in the Art Pen Pal Program. This gives children an opportunity to communicate through their artwork and learn about the lives of children just like them from around the world. Your donation of 90 USD is the average postage fee that enables 2 schools around the world to exchange the...


Promote Tolerance

Workshop in a school

The AiA Awareness Program team also introduces children to art created by students from other countries where our programs have taken place in the past. This experience awakens their awareness and curiosity of other cultures worldwide, creating an opportunity to see that children around the world aren’t that different. A donation of 40 USD will support the AiA team to conduct the Awareness Program in...


Sponsor A Classroom

Drawing material

A donation of 17 USD will provide drawing material to a class of 40 children for one trimester. With the tools, schools can mobilize to make art classes happen. Through your donation, Art in All of Us ensures art materials are supplied to classrooms in the most disadvantaged countries. With your financial support to purchase drawing materials, AiA children will have fun and continue learning...