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American Federation for Aging Research


For 25 years, the American Federation for Aging Research (AFAR) has been a leading supporter of biomedical research on aging, with the goal of extending older adults’ years of health, independence, and quality of life.


AFAR's mission is two-fold: To seek the causes, cures and treatments for age-related diseases and disorders, including cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's disease, and osteoporosis, and; to create a ladder of opportunity and incentives for scientists in the field of aging through privately-supported grant and fellowship programs.


AFAR currently administers 9 fellowship and grant programs. AFAR has a nationally respected and scientifically rigorous grant review process that is overseen by a National Scientific Advisory Committee. The committee is comprised of nearly 200 of the nation’s leading medical and biological research scientists in aging and aging-related fields. Because of the committee members’ breadth of knowledge and research expertise, grants covering the entire spectrum of biomedical research on aging can be reviewed, awarded, and evaluated.

AFAR-supported investigators study a broad range of biomedical and clinical topics at leading medical institutions and schools nationwide. Topics include the causes of cellular senescence, the role of estrogen in the development of osteoporosis, the genetic factors associated with Alzheimer's disease, the effects of nutrition and exercise on the aging process, and much more.


Older adults are living longer, healthier lives thanks, in part, to discoveries made through research on aging. And AFAR-supported researchers have become leaders in their field and are contributing to the discoveries that are impacting our health. Moreover, AFAR's goal to keep scientists in the field of aging by providing opportunities to do ground breaking research is being realized -- 92% of AFAR's grantees continue to conduct aging-related research and 75% of respondents have published the results of their AFAR-sponsored research and more than half have had their research profiled in one or more media, including national and international press.


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