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Alternatives for Girls

AFG Rock The Vote!!

Give the power to vote

Your gift of $50 will help us to hold our Voter Registration Drive at AFG on August 8th from 11am - 3pm. We are not promoting one party or another; we are just educating our community on the importance of voting and providing them the opportunity to register that day. We are working hard to publicize this event not only to our AFG participants but...


Wake Up AFG!

1 alarm clock

Your $10 gift will provide an AFG Shelter resident an alarm clock to keep with her even when she leaves the shelter. An alarm clock is a simple yet often overlooked accessory that is essential to being successful. For the women who arrive at our shelter, an alarm clock is one of the tools we like to provide in helping them succeed in their lives....


Shoes For Women

1 pair of shoes

Your $20 gift will allow us to purchase one pair of footwear for the girls and women in any of our programs. The option of purchasing shoes instead of relying on donations allows us to purchase the kind of shoes we know most of the women need here. We are always in need of bigger sized walking shoes. With this gift, we can buy a...


Help AFG babies

1 baby item

Your gift of $10 will allow us to purchase a baby item for one of the 14 children living in our shelter. The children range from newborn up to 5 years and we would buy an item that is necessary and suitable for that baby or child. Some examples of items would be baby blankets, pacifiers, clothing, diapers, baby hygiene items, toys, and books. We...


Get In The Game

1 Tigers Ticket

Your gift of $15 will allow us to purchase one Tigers baseball ticket to see a game in August. We want to take 15 girls in our high school Prevention Program. We believe that a baseball game is a great American pastime that we want our girls to enjoy as well. Plus, it is an opportunity to bond with the other girls and find support...


Feel Your Best

3 hygiene kits

Your $10 donation will provide 3 hygiene kits. Last year, through the Safe Choices program, we distributed 838 hygiene kits to the women on the streets. However, we depend on the items to be donated for the hygiene kits, and there were many nights where we ran out of hygiene kits to pass out. We also have a walk-in resource room with a shower. For...


Protect Our Girls

1 bottle of sunscreen

Your $5 gift will allow us to buy at least one bottle of sunscreen for our Prevention participants in the Rise n’ Shine summer camp. Many of the programs participants are considered to be at-risk for negative behaviors such as dropping out of school, teen pregnancy, gang behavior, drugs or alcohol abuse, or becoming involved in abusive relationships. The focus of Rise n’ Shine is...


Fill Up A Life!

Gas card for Outreach

Your gift of $100 will help defray the high gas costs and ensure that we can continue providing our services to the women who need our assistance. Through the Peer Education Program, we use the vans to drive our Peer Educators (PEs) to areas that their peers hang out. Our PEs help their peers understand the risks of unsafe activities and help them make positive...


Spread the Fun!

Games for AFG Shelter

This gift will provide board games and/or DVDs for the young women who live at the AFG shelter. Game nights and movie nights conjure up images of friends gathering together, sharing in the laughter and camaraderie of being among loved ones. Help us create these same feelings for young homeless women who might not have experienced such gatherings. For a $25 gift, you allow us...


Make Kids Healthy

Five healthy meals

This gift provides five healthy meals for participants in our after-school programming. An essential component of our programming is to provide a full meal since many of the Prevention participants might not receive an adequate meal at home. In the high school program, the teens cook the meals themselves, so they learn how to cook nutritious meals. Your gift will allow us to buy healthy...