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Aid to Artisans


Our goal is simple: a world community of entrepreneur-craftspeople who have the ability to improve their own lives, the lives of their families, the communities in which they make their homes, and their livelihoods. Since 1976, Aid to Artisans (ATA) has changed the lives of thousands of artisans through its "Market Link" programs of product design, production and business skills.


We offer practical assistance to artisan groups worldwide to foster artistic traditions, cultural vitality, improved livelihoods and community well-being. Through collaboration in product development, business skills training and development of new markets, we provide sustainable economic and social benefits for crafts people in an environmentally sensitive and culturally respectful manner.


In its thirty years Aid to Artisans (ATA) has changed the lives of thousands of artisans through its “Market Link" program of product design, production and business skills. In developing countries, handcrafts continue to provide an important source of income, especially in rural areas and especially for women.
Goal: to provide economically sustainable and social benefits to artisans in an environmentally and culturally sensitive manner
Approach: Investing in short-term (from 1 month to 3 years) technical assistance that results in strengthened artisan enterprises and organizations with new markets – this investment results in sustained growth past the lifespan of ATA’s involvement. ATA does not play a permanent role.
Methodology: ATA offers integrated services through its proven formula of product development, business management skills and marketing for three distinct groups: Artisans; The Artisan Sector; and Markets.

ATA also supports artisans through the ATA Grants Program, which has made approximately 50 grants per year to artisan groups around the world. Typically, these small grants are used to help these groups purchase much needed equipment and materials to improve or increase their craft production.


Since 1976, ATA has helped create jobs and increase income for craftspeople worldwide; strengthened existing and created sustainable new craft businesses; and helped to preserve the cultural traditions that make each country unique. Since 1998 ATA has benefited 100,000 artisans and put US $35 million into the hands of artisan businesses. These numbers are taken during the life of projects; post project sales are at least double that figure.


Haiti, Mexico, El Salvador, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Afghanistan, India, Kenya, Tajikistan, South Africa, Mozambique


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