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African Medical and Research Foundation

Send A Specialist

Rural hospital visit

John Wachira is an AMREF surgeon and urologist. He flys across Africa to train doctors and to carry out life-changing operations. He spends more than 40 weeks each year working in isolated rural hospitals. Other specialists, including orthopaedic surgeons, general surgeons, reconstructive surgeons, urologists, anesthetists, and laboratory experts also volunteer with AMREF’s Flying Doctors to visit rural hospitals two or three weeks each year. $1,000...


Prevent Blindness

Trachoma treatment

With your gift, AMREF will train and equip a volunteer to make visit nearby families, to keep track of who in each family has an infection using colored beads, and to treat the infection with antibiotic ointment. If someone has had repeated infections, the eyelid will begin to turn in, and this will eventually scar the cornea and cause blindness. The trachoma worker will refer...


Improve Maternal Care

Obstetric training

AMREF trains nurses and midwives how to properly manage a woman in labor, how to prevent hemorrhage and infection, and how to recognize when she needs a caesarean section and must be taken to a hospital. They are also trained in proper care of newborns: how to cut and tie the umbilical cord, to warm the baby, and to encourage the mother to breastfeed immediately,...


Test and Counsel

HIV/AIDS services

AMREF provides voluntary counseling and testing services to people who wish to know their HIV status. Those who are not infected learn how to protect themselves from the disease. Those who are found to be HIV positive are counseled to take the appropriate medication and avoid infecting their loved ones, and are helped to live positive and productive lives even though they have AIDS. Your...


Make House Calls

Bicycle for health worker

Community Drug Distributors (CDD) are volunteers who have been trained to identify the symptoms of malaria and dispense the proper medication. They also educate the community at weddings, funerals and other gatherings about the proper use of malaria medication and insecticide treated nets. This way the community is empowered to fight malaria. Your gift will provide a bicycle for a CDD, enabling her to cover...


Train Health Workers

Training for one

AMREF trains thousands of doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians, and community health workers (CORPs) every year. Your gift will train a CORP to recognize and treat common illnesses like diarrhea, respiratory infections, and malaria, which are the leading killers of children in Africa, and to know when they must be taken to a health facility for further treatment. CORPs also learn to educate their communities on...


Bring Clean Water

The Gift of the Magi

A gift of $25 will provide clean water to an African family for one month. Your donation will truly be a "gift of the magi." With your contribution, AMREF will work to reduce the prevalence of water and sanitation related diseases that needlessly kill African families -- and improve their general hygiene. How? We will work with community water committees to build shallow wells, boreholes...


Give a Smile

Cleft palate surgery

What greater gift could you or your loved one receive than to know that you have literally put a smile on a child's face? And, it's so simple! When AMREF surgeons perform the procedure, the child receives a new smile and the chance for a better future. Gone is the stigma, fear and misunderstanding because of the cleft. What is more, AMREF's surgeons use every...