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Foster Understanding


The reality of our world is that there are hundreds of millions of religiously diverse young people who are interacting with increasing frequency. This interaction tends in one of two directions - conflict or cooperation. Given the realities of globalization – including increased contact through media, technology and travel – as well as the diversity of religious beliefs world-wide – the importance of shaping a positive response to inter-religious interaction is critical.

The Gift

Your gift will provide training resources for two college campuses to organize a Day of Interfaith Youth Service. IFYC’s Days of Interfaith Youth Service (DIYS) campaign brings together young people of diverse faith traditions or service events around the world to build relationships and encourage cooperative action. By focusing on non-divisive issues, DIYS methodology affirms the connections between each young person and their own faith tradition, while allowing them to recognize that people from different religious backgrounds share their values about service. The DIYS Training Resources are a comprehensive guide to planning a DIYS event on a college campus, including an Organizer’s Toolkit, Quickstart Toolkit, Training DVD, and more. These resources contain detailed information about planning, running, and evaluating an effective event; timelines; background information and interfaith resources about many major religious traditions; suggested interfaith activities; curricula for interfaith reflection; forms for media releases; and much more.