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Take 10 to Lunch

Take 10 to Lunch

Provide 10 hot meals

  • $20.00


Hunger doesn't care. It doesn't care about race, religion, age, or education. It doesn't care if you are a grandparent, a vet or if you live in an affluent country. It knows no boundaries, recognizes no political authority. Hunger is happening right here, in your hometown among your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers. Hunger doesn't care, but we do. Every day we feed some of our neediest friends and neighbors and we can only do so because people like you care too.

The Gift

Your gift will provide a table full of hungry people a hot, nutritious meal. For many this may be the only meal they have that day. For others, sharing a daily meal with us means that they will have more money to buy food for their family for the week, pay their utility bill or buy their spouse's medicine. The Cooperative Feeding Program provides up to 500 hot meals 365 days a year. You may be surprised at some of the faces we serve every day. The working single parent barely able to pay the month's expenses, great-grandparents struggling to make ends meet with skyrocketing insurance and healthcare expenses, persons displaced by natural disaster, a vet, a young person with no home to go to... these are the faces we greet each day. Your gift provides much more than a meal however. We also provide job services, rental and move-in assistance, food stamp procurement, reunification, bus passes, hot showers, clothing, counseling, support groups, disaster recovery assistance and more.