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Feed A Mother

Maternal nutrition

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Mali is one of the least developed countries in the world. In rural areas, over half of the people are living in poverty and are food insecure. When hunger strikes, women and children are affected the most. Malnourished mothers give birth to malnourished children, draining them of the potential to develop into healthy and productive adults.

The Gift

Your gift will feed a pregnant or breastfeeding mother in Mali for an entire year so that her child can grow up healthy and strong.

In order to end child hunger and malnutrition, we must begin when the child is in the womb. The early months and years of child’s life are crucial for its mental development. Ensuring proper nutrition can make a definitive difference in a child’s future potential, helping to break the vicious cycle of poverty and underdevelopment.

The World Food Program (WFP) provides pregnant and breastfeeding mothers with meals packed with essential vitamins and minerals. This ensures that their children get a healthy start by receiving the nutrients they need to grow and develop. By providing proper nourishment for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, WFP helps to reduce child hunger and offer a brighter future free of poverty and malnutrition.

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