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Give a gift that matters: a donation in your friend's name. $500 makes it possible to underwrite the cost of five community memberships in Boundless Playgrounds

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An estimated six million children in the United States have some type of disability making it difficult or impossible for them to play on traditional playgrounds. Regardless of abilities, all children deserve the opportunity to play. Boundless Playgrounds® helps communities create inclusive playgrounds that go beyond accommodating wheelchairs – they eliminate barriers for children with all kinds of disabilities: physical, sensory, cognitive and developmental. Each playground includes fun, challenging, sensory-rich activities that offer developmental advantage.

The Gift

$500 makes it possible to underwrite the cost of five community memberships in Boundless Playgrounds' Get Set Program. This program provides tools and information to help raise community awareness and funding for an inclusive playground project. Boundless™ playgrounds are tailor-made for the way children are naturally drawn to play, plus they are universally accessible so everyone can play side by side at his or her own highest level of ability. No one has to leave behind support equipment like wheelchairs or walkers. Children with sensory disabilities (like visual or hearing impairments) or developmental disabilities (such as autism or Down syndrome) have lots to explore, too. What’s more, the very play activities included for children with disabilities are often the most popular with children who have the ability to play anywhere. Inclusion and diversity enrich life not just for those who have been traditionally excluded, but for everyone.