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Fund A Fellow


At this moment in history, there are many leading ideas for social change that are not fully developed and sustained through traditional funding mechanisms. Ashoka has designed an approach to capture the most innovative, entrepreneurial solutions, and offer critical interventions on three levels—the individual, the group, and the sector. Launching a leading social entrepreneur is the fundamental step in this approach.

The Gift

Ashoka searches the world for leading social entrepreneurs and at the launch stage, provide these entrepreneurs—Ashoka Fellows—a living stipend for an average of three years, allowing them to focus full-time on building their institutions and spreading their ideas. Ashoka Fellows’ impact is far-reaching and highly leveraged. For example, five years post election, 94% of Fellows are still working towards their original vision and 93% of Fellows have had their work independently replicated. Ten years post election, 71% of Fellows have influenced national policy. Our Fellows work in the fields of human rights, health, environment, learning/youth development, civic participation, and economic development, tackling the most difficult circumstances and transforming lives. Your contribution will catalyze the next generation of pattern-changing innovation across sectors in Asia.