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NMHA, the nation’s oldest mental health organization, works with its national affiliate network to: promote mental health where people live, work and play; support the emotional development of children; empower individuals to protect their rights and to direct their own mental health and well-being; ensure access to quality mental health care for all...Every day and in times of crisis.


The National Mental Health Association is dedicated to promoting mental health, preventing mental disorders and achieving victory over mental illness through advocacy, education, research and service.


Each year, more than 54 million Americans experience a mental illness; of those, 30 million do not seek help due to stigma, lack of information and inadequate services. NMHA strives to improve the mental health of our nation through advocacy, education, research and service. At the core of our efforts are targeted public education campaigns that educate the public about what mental illness is, when to seek help and what treatment options are available. Our public education programs target diverse populations with mental health needs, including teenagers, veterans, communities of color and more. Through these services, NMHA has educated and improved access to treatment for millions of Americans, enabling them to seek care and enjoying fulfilling, productive lives in their communities.

We also actively advocate nationally and locally to remove barriers to treatment, such as under-funded and fragmented service systems, that often prevent individuals from getting the help they need. NMHA seeks to improve access to treatment for adults and children with mental health and substance abuse problems, eliminate stigma and discrimination, and reverse the absence of culturally competent, individualized community-based treatment options. Our broad-based programs and services are targeted toward one goal – saving lives.


NMHA works closely with more than 70 national partner organizations to develop and conduct educational events, screenings and media activities that reaches the general public, healthcare providers, employers and policymakers. NMHA educates more than 500,000 people annually about mental health and mental illness, including topics such as depression, anxiety, stigma, bullying and co-occurring disorders; we screen more than 20,000 people for depression through, we help more than 72,000 individuals and organizations through our toll-free National Mental Health Resource Center, and we provide mental health information to more than 7.7 million individuals who visit our website each year.


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PO Box 16810

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Phone: (800) 969-NMHA

EIN: 13-1614906

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NMHA works with more than 70 national organizations—both in and outside the health care field—for whom depression and its treatment represent an important concern for their memberships. NMHA forms partnerships with community groups to educate diverse populations about depression, promote screenings, and generate local media coverage. NMHA also hosts an online depression screening tool – Since 1992, this effort has helped hundreds of thousands...