Charitable Wedding Favors Make Any Wedding Even More Meaningful

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Support Whatever Is Most Meaningful for You

We provide total flexibility in choosing what you want to support.


You can share wedding favors that:

  • show your support of our charitable gift(s) that you find most meaningful. You can choose to donate the same charitable gift for each guest or give different gifts to different guests.
  • provide guests a charitable gift card, so they can direct your support to whatever they care about.


The donations can be of any amount, and we do not disclose the amount (unless you want us to).



Two Types of Wedding Favor Cards

We offer two types of wedding favor cards:

  • folded cards (7" x 5" folded dimension) like the ones you see here at the top of the page are $2.95. We can also provide personalized envelopes for an additional $0.15 each.
  • flat cards (7" x 5" dimension) printed on both sides are $1.00. The two sides will show what you see at the top and bottom of the inside of the card above shown above.



Cover Image

We will print personalized printed greeting cards with your choice of images:

  • any of the pictures that you see on the greeting card page that we have for each gift
  • a photo that you provide


You can use the same cover image for each card, or you can use as many images as you wish.



Cover Caption

We can print the cards with a personal caption, which can be the same for each card (such as, “A Gift from Harry and Sally”), or all the captions can be different. Some people use the guest’s name as the caption, so they also serve as place cards.



Message Inside the Favor Card

You can have the same message inside each, or a personalized message for each guest.




Next Steps

We are delighted to provide personal, white-glove concierge service to help make your wedding as meaningful and joyful as possible.Just send an email to the address shown at the bottom of this page if you have any questions or would like to proceed.



Thank you very much!

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