Give Meaningful Gifts: How it Works


Give a Gift that Matters

More and more people, people are tired of buying and receiving yet more “stuff” as presents are realizing that they do not need to go shopping to show their love.


So it is no surprise that many of them are doing something more meaningful. They are giving charitable donations to make a difference in the world, and they are doing it in their friend's name. It is something that they--and their friend or loved one--will always feel good about.


This site makes donations feel like the memorable and rewarding presents they are.



We Offer:

  • tangible charitable gift opportunities, so you know exactly what you are accomplishing
  • beautiful, personalized printed greeting cards with your choice of cover image (even your own photo) and caption, a photo and description of the gift, and your personal message
  • wish lists and registries, so you can let your friends know exactly what you most care about
  • charitable wedding favors, instead of a box of candy or nuts
  • gift cards, so your friend can choose how your donation is used
  • corporate branded gift cards and a branded experience for corporate gift-givers


If you have any questions, please contact us.


Thank you very much!