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Veterans are Changing The Present for Veterans


Of course, Veterans support Veterans! See how we are helping with our volunteering, fundraising, and donating, as well as with our charitable wish lists on this site.


Many of us care more about all veterans getting the support they deserve, rather than receiving yet more sweaters, neckties, and other stuff that we do not really need.


So we are letting friends know that, rather than presents from the mall, we would rather they make a donation in our name to help veterans. Likewise, we are donating in our friends' names, rather than going shopping. 


This is a brand new page, so there are just a few people here, so far. You can be among the first to show your commitment to veterans. Please help them by creating your own charitable wish list to help veterans and by sharing this page! And if your favorite nonprofit is not yet on this site, be sure to urge them to join.



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