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Basic Needs



Toilet and Water Connections

Gives safe sanitation for 8 families

$100 helps provide a toilet or water connection for 8 families in a developing country. Healthier children are able to attend school. Healthy adults are able to work and provide for their family. works with local finance institutions to offer affordable loans for water and sanitation, putting the tools to solve the water crisis in the hands of the people who need them.


Improve Food Aid

Internet database

Your gift of $50 will pay one week’s expenses for a student intern to assemble an a internet-accessible database on food aid “best practice" cases and other research results from non-governmental and other organizations.


Sponsor A Breakfast

Farmers and Congress

Your gift of $2000 will sponsor a Capitol Hill breakfast for Congressmen, staff and U.S. Executive Agency personnel to hear directly from African farmers and agribusinesses about their experiences with AGOA and their priorities for assistance that will help them export more agricultural products. Increased exports will create more jobs in the African countryside and have a real impact on African poverty and hunger.


Link Universities

Faculty database

Your gift of $1000 will support one week of a research fellow’s time to create an online database of U.S. university programs with African universities, including ongoing research projects related to African agricultural development, a listing of U.S. faculty and researchers with interests in African agriculture, and former and current African students of U.S. universities. This database will be made available to US and African...


Host A Fellow

One day of hosting

Your gift of $200 will pay for one day of food and lodging to allow an African expert to discuss the goals, objectives and programs of his or her country’s development strategy directly with U.S. policymakers, development agency officials, and the U.S. public, including potential investors.


Link African Farmers

Travel costs

Your gift of $200 will help pay the travel costs to bring African farm, agribusiness, and financial sector leaders to the U.S. to discuss their priorities for assistance directly with U.S. policymakers and travel within the U.S. to meet potential partners in the private sector.


Build Infrastructure

Roads and electricity

Your gift will help support research and advocacy to increase investment in transportation, power, and communications infrastructure in rural Africa, by allowing an African expert to prepare for participation in a 2007 workshop to identify the critical issues – including policy frameworks, institutional capacity and accountability, and limited public-private interactions – that affect the ability of African institutions to attract, plan, and effectively manage higher...


Promote Fair Prices

Family farm evaluation

Help determine a “fair price" for produce from family farms in developing countries selling to global markets. Forward thinking companies that want to do the right thing need to know how their business practices impact on poverty. In some cases they need to know what a "fair price," rather than the "lowest possible price" would be. Fund one hour of an expert's time to evaluate...


Rent A Scientist

Technical experts

Millennium Villages are locally-led, with committees composed of community members identifying needs and priorities for their village. Every village has committees focusing on Agriculture, Education, Safe Water, Infrastructure, and Health. Your gift will allow these committees to have access to scientists from all areas of expertise. The Agriculture committee can have a soil scientist assist with the analysis of local soil and recommend agricultural inputs...


Involve Communities

One Action Kit

From bake sales to fundraising dinners, Millennium Promise is excited to support local efforts and initiatives to successfully raise awareness about ending global poverty. Your donation will provide an Action Kit for a new school or community to get involved in the fight to end extreme poverty. Kits include Millennium Promise materials, press articles, a DVD and guide for organizing community action. Leaders of community...


Give Tree Seedlings

Share of Seedlings

Trees have many functions on small family farms. Their roots hold precious top soil in place, and the branches of some varieties provide vitamin-laden fruit--a ready source of both nutrition and income. And in regions where cooking is still done with firewood, families with trees can use fallen branches instead of purchasing or poaching from forest reserves.


Give a Llama

Share of a Llama

Llamas and alpacas have special hooves that do not damage the fragile ecosystem--helping communities preserve what little resources are available. And unlike other animals, they can carry heavy loads at high altitudes. Plus, their fine wool is highly prized and provides families with clothing to stay warm and income opportunities that are so hard to come by in the region.


Give a Goat

Share of a Goat

Goats are tough to be certain, yet they are amazingly gentle. So friendly, in fact, that it is the children who often care for a family's goat--building bonds and learning lifesaving skills. Heifer goats can give a family up to a gallon of milk every day. Many families use what's left over to make yogurts, cheeses or sell at the market for income to pay...


Give a Heifer

Share of a Heifer

When a family has a cow, every morning there's a glass of rich milk for the children to drink before heading off to school. Classes are paid for with the sale of extra milk because with high-quality heifers, there is more than enough milk to go around. And cows can even help crops grow as their fertilizing manure is mixed into the soil.


Flock of Hope

Chicks ducks goslings

With a Flock of Hope, egg production will begin in almost no time! Where families, especially children, are malnourished, delicious eggs will mean daily protein. Where families are impoverished, eggs will be taken to market and sold, raising much-needed funds for clothing, medicine and more. And where the earth is dry and barren, droppings from the birds will provide the fertilizer to increase farm production....


Supply Knitting

Pair of llamas + sheep

Your donation will provide one breeding pair of llamas and one breeding pair of sheep for a family in Central or South America. The amount of wool these hardy animals can produce is just amazing, and in capable hands, it becomes almost liek currency--woolen yarn, fabric and clothing to be taken to market, which helps to pay for food, medicine, schooling for children, and so...


Give Honeybees

One hive for a family

Your gift of Heifer International honeybees includes a bee package, the box and hive, and training in the latest beekeeping techniques. And since bees require relatively little space and have low maintenance costs, your gift of honeybees is a great way to help provide nutrition and income to families living in extreme poverty.


Plant A Tree

Seedlings for a family

Trees have many functions on small family farms. Their roots hold precious top soil in place, and the branches of some varieties provide vitamin-laden fruit--a ready source of both nutrition and income. And in regions where cooking is still done with firewood, families with trees can use fallen branches instead of purchasing or poaching from forest reserves.


Hatch Hope

Chicks for a family

Fully grown, a single hen can lay more than 200 eggs per year. So your starter flock of 10 to 50 chicks will provide plenty of protein-rich eggs to eat, to sell at the market for income, or to pass on the gift to other families in need. And because chickends need very little space and thrive on readily available feed or pests like insects,...


Show Shear Kindness

One sheep for a family

Your gift will help provide a family with a high-quality sheep, training in its care, and the opportunity to escape relentless hunger and poverty. Since sheep often give birth to twins or triplets, your generosity will quickly spread as partner families pass on the gift.