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Browse the charitable gifts below, use the search box above, or support any favorite Mental Health nonprofit in the country. Give it in a friends name,and send a personalized greeting card to make it a memorable gift.

Also, be sure to create a Wish List and let your friends know you would welcome a donation in your name, in lieu of yet another present.

Finally, you can make a difference every time you share this site with friends who care about Mental Health or any cause.

Share Resources

Mental health info

Each donated membership gives a mental health worker a way to belong to the global mental health movement and to receive educational information from the WFMH.


Aid Mental Health

Ship meeting materials

$50 will assist in mailing a box of material to upcoming meetings around the world - such as Hong Kong, Austria, California, Australia.


Sponsor A Member

One year membership

This gift will provide a person in a low-income country one year of membership and benefits in the WFMH. Giving them access to all our member-info, directories, educational material and newsletters.


Send Materials

10 mental health packs

For every $25 we receive we can distribute 10 more WMHDAY packets to people in developing countries, such as - Nigeria, India, Haiti, Guatemala, Kenya, Mongolia.


Support Outreach

One hour of outreach

Your gift will pay for one hour of time for the Office of Information and Advocacy to help someone in need. Helping people find educational material, mental health resources in their community, bridging the gaps by giving people the information they need to create change!


Treat A Family

Psychiatric treatment

Both individual psychotherapy and group family counseling are important to returning a family to normal function, a state that will allow them to persue full and rich lives. Your gift will allow us to provide psychiatric treatment to a three-member family in Cambodia.


Heal A Victim

Psychiatric treatment

In Cambodia, $50 allows a person to receive a full course of treatment to heal the emotional wounds caused by terrorism and mass violence. This treatment enables the victims to return to purposeful lives and improves the social, political and economic welfare of their communities.


Counsel Teen Girls

Post-trauma counseling

To address rising mental health issues, Operation USA has partnered with local clinics, schools and social workers in New Orleans to provide counseling to adolescent girls affected by Hurricane Katrina and other traumatic events. Your gift of $325 helps provide 30 young girls with therapeutic sessions specifically designed to help them cope with stress, reduce traumatic and grief reactions and offers a safe environment for...


Identify Depression

100 screenings

NMHA works with more than 70 national organizations—both in and outside the health care field—for whom depression and its treatment represent an important concern for their memberships. NMHA forms partnerships with community groups to educate diverse populations about depression, promote screenings, and generate local media coverage. NMHA also hosts an online depression screening tool – Since 1992, this effort has helped hundreds of thousands...


Treat Refugees

Fund a psychiatric team

Weekly visits by a psychiatric team to a displaced persons camp can help approximately 30 patients per visit. Your gift will help alleviate the mental anguish of some of these desperate people.


Help Vets Connect

Create an Empowered Community

Building on lessons from service in four wars, Veterans for America galvanizes new war veterans nationwide, creating an empowered community and space to share common experiences. We raise awareness about challenges facing returning veterans and promote common-sense solutions. Our website and community blogs provide an active atmosphere to share experiences among those who understand their challenges. Veterans For America’s website serves as a unique portal...


Comfort a Child

Train School Personnel

Your donation will provide comfort for a grieving child by arming school personnel with the tools to effectively address the student’s needs. Research has confirmed teacher discomfort in discussing grief in the classroom. Most teachers need assistance in successfully dealing with a death in the life of a student, particularly a major loss. “Grief at School: A Manual for School Personnel" is an 83-page guide...